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One of A Kind Show

November 26 - December 6, 2015

Exhibition Place, Toronto

The mission of One of a Kind is to provide a juried marketplace to bring together makers and buyers who share a commitment to handmade excellence. Since its inception in 1975, One of a Kind has been cultivating creativity, craftsmanship and connection in order to deliver an inspired shopping experience


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Murals & Make-Overs

Many people like to express their individuality by having an artist to paint a mural in their houses.  They can be for any room but are often created in children's bedrooms. A child's room can be transformed into the 'fantasy world'  encouraging imaginative play, taking them away to a magical places and expanding their awareness of art.

You can also escape the cold winter with a mural of your favourite vacation place to keep you warm!  If you live in a small space you could have a mural painted (of a window to a garden, etc) than can create the illusion of more space.  It's that simple!

Draw customers into your business by giving them an idea of wha tyou're all about.  Murals can be painted on the side of your building, on your door, window or we can customize a sign for your business.

Or you may just love art!

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